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About Livewyre.NET

Mission Statement: Livewyre.NET aims to be a leading free resource for webmasters, bloggers and general internet users.

Which translates as: Bringing you information about free software, SEO, legitimate online earnings and anything else that we feel will be useful for fellow internet-users.

Visitors are not required to sign up or pay any fees, just browse around, use the resources available and drop us an email with your comments and suggestions. If you DO feel inclined to donate something to keep the website going, then all donations will be gratefully received (just click the icon to buy your favourite contributor their preferred treat or beverage..)

The development of Livewyre.NET

Since my introduction to the internet some years ago, I have learned things mostly through trial and error. I have tried some web site building programs, I have tried different hosting services, built some web sites, learned a little about SEO and picked up hints and tricks here and there. Through participation in blogging and forums, I have also learned that on the one hand, the things I have learned are useful to other internet users, and on the other hand, there are like-minded people using the internet who have learned things their own way and have specialist knowledge of specific aspects of the internet.

The original concept of Livewyre.NET was to be a platform from which I could share the knowledge that I had to offer. Since then I have expanded the idea to include contributions from individuals whom I consider to have specific knowledge of areas that Livewyre.NET was developed to address. The resulting web site includes sections from these contributors, and I intend to bring more contributors into Livewyre in the future to expand our knowledge base.

Livewyre.NET is intended as a long-term project, so please revisit us regularly to see what new information has been added - Check the homepage or click on the 'History' section to see what changes have been made recently. This project should naturally evolve and develop over time, adapting to new techniques and trends - Livewyre.NET will strive to remain a relevant and up to date resource for internet users everywhere.


Jay Livewyre has been a webmaster for a commercial website since 2003, running his own website since May 2006, and been blogging since January 2007.

Other contributors:

Rachel Henderson: see making money online

John Wells: see website building

Please note that this site is funded entirely by donations and advertising. We may use referral hyperlinks for some external links though not all. The opinions expressed are genuinely those of the contributors and not intended purely for the promotion of referral links.

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Whether you are interested in SEO techniques, earning money online or website building, Livewyre.NET has plenty of information freely available. If you have questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to get in touch...

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