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Can I make money with affiliate marketing?

It’s no secret that most people start their online money making journey through writing or even paid to click and survey sites. It’s pretty much the easiest thing you can do out there because the pay outs aren’t that significant. However, the more you delve into it; you’ll eventually stumble onto affiliate marketing after seeing tons of Clickbank products that are widely promoted throughout the “Make Money Online” industry. It’s true that there is a lot of money to be made with affiliate marketing but it takes a lot more than just “hard work”.

The concept of Affiliate Marketing is to sell/ provide goods and services of a Company or individual and turn a profit. You are paid commissions per sale or per lead, which is, far more than what you can earn from paid to clicks, paid to blog and get paid to sites. Essentially, you act as a broker or agent for those products and services.

It all sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it?

Well, it is a lot more complicated than it sounds and anyone who has tried their hand in internet marketing would’ve already figured that out. While the broad idea may sound simple, success rates are low simply because there is no clear algorithm to success.

Let me start with saying, “Not all formulas will work with any or every type of niche there is on the market.” With that said, what may work for one niche; may not be as lucrative for another.

First of all, to promote any product or service requires proper market research. This also is prevalent when one starts with article marketing. Many newbies have the misconception that article marketing is just a matter of throwing together any amount of structured sentences and adding hyperlinks into the article or text. This is a big mistake.

The entire process of internet marketing revolves around the proper keyword and niche/market research and you have to be able to understand the concept and use of it to be able to do ANYTHING on the internet, be it article writing, product selection and the selection of marketing methodology. If you do NOT understand what research is, you cannot effectively compete in the online marketing field.

For example, a lot of newbies get into ClickBank to start. Why? Because anyone can get in if they just pay for the activation fee. What do they do next? Here’s a common blueprint:
1) Sign up and pay for clickbank
2) Choose the HIGHEST converting products
3) Write Articles
4) Start PPCs

At first glance, if you do not understand the mechanics of affiliate marketing, this list would seem to be pretty good, if anything. Broadly, it DOES ring true to some regard that some do find success in these steps and it’s not completely wrong, I’d say.

The mistakes that are made are normally in PROPER execution of the points, namely numbers 2 to 4. Some would think that choosing the highest ranking products would surely bank sales and so would PPC. The thing is, so many newbies have this impression but they don’t realize that:

1) Choosing the highest ranking products will put you in a position where you are in competition with the biggest movers and shakers of ClickBank – BUT what methods of marketing do newbies know or can apply that the veteran marketers don’t already know?

2) Pay-Per-Click DOES drive immediate traffic BUT there is a proper way to do PPC to maximize your sales conversions. It is not just a matter of throwing up an adwords bidding to net sales. There are more factors to consider.

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