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The KEY to good affiliate marketing is RESEARCH.

Now that I have stressed the importance of keyword research, I will now highlight the importance of value to the customer. This is something that you HAVE TO provide in order to create a pre-sale. You do this by delivering freebies, or, useful information about the product/service involved. I have heard “the best way to sell is not to”- that sounds a bit of a paradox in a way, but it does indeed hold substance.

To get a potential buyer, you have to “give” in order to draw attention. It's sort of like that saying: "To give is to receive". It is not simply about making a sales pitch and to promote, promote and promote. Many newbies start off this way because they are too fixated on getting commissions that they fail to deliver VALUE. They start to see things from a money making perspective and neglect to see things through the eyes of a buyer.

A good example would be, if you saw a poorly strung together website/ banner ad or landing page, would you be inclined to buy a product – any product for that matter? Chances are, no. You’re not. And I need not get into details on why since I’m sure most of us have been buyers of a product at one point or another.

So, it is paramount that you are able to deliver quality content to your visitors or potential customers. Otherwise, you’re most likely to fail.


The last point I will touch on is traffic. There are many ways to generate traffic, be it paid or free. There is no ONE answer on which one is most effective because again, this all goes back to proper research and not all methods available will work with every niche. You will have to learn by doing the actual campaign/tests to see results for YOUR choice of niche.

In addition, getting traffic isn’t just “getting traffic” for the sake of someone to look at your website and have your fingers crossed, in hopes that they will buy something from you. It’s a lot more than that. What you need is TARGETED traffic. Some would even refer to it as “LASER TARGETED TRAFFIC” to optimize your conversions.

Of course, it wouldn’t make any sense at all if you’re promoting teeth whitening but getting visitors who are interested in toilet cleaners. – That’s just an example. It’s NOT just driving traffic to your site. It is about driving people who are interested and WILLING to buy. As with any means of marketing, whether it is on or offline, you have to know and understand your target market and target audience, which is part of the market research process.

To summarize, internet marketing is NOT free nor is it easy. Regardless of what many would have you believe, your success will cost money and sometimes it will cost quite a lot of to earn and maximize your profit because you will have to learn and absorb a lot before you start making a sustainable amount of income. To start your online money making ventures, I would highly recommend understanding market research and how to conduct it because it’s not just a matter of looking at what’s the hottest trend. For example, it’s one thing to know that ipads are a hot item now but see, there is a LOT more you should know in order to compete with any type of business or money making opportunity for that matter.

Learn to walk before you run and never put the cart before the horse.

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