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To my way of thinking, webhosting comprises two elements, hosting and domain registration:


A webhosting site will invariably offer domain registration as part of their service, possibly registering your main domain for free as part of a package. However, 'shopping' for a webhost should involve looking at getting the best possible value-for-money hosting package. Domain registration can always be handled by a third party, and where you will have a lot of domains, it is recommended that you find a good registration service to match. This is especially true if you have domains as stateside services usually prefer to work with US or global domains.

I am now using WebHostingPad to host my websites and their package is seriously hard to beat. If you currently have a couple of sites and are paying separate charges for each site, WebHostingPad offer an unlimited service for you to host as many domains and subdomains as you like for one fixed (and VERY reasonable) price.

Don't take my word for it, click on the banner and see what is included for one single price... You can get unlimited domains, subdomains and unlimited databases. If you are using a service that charges you per domain, you will love this - imagine adding as many domains as you like with only the registration fee to pay...

Domain Registration

Most serious (and even hobby) internet users will consider using a third party service to register their domains rather than simply using their webhost to handle registration. A good domain registration service will give you a lot of control over how you configure your domain, and will often include email handling in with the registration price.

More importantly for UK users, UK domain registration services such as 1and1 can offer a great (and reasonably priced) domain registration and email handling for domains. Their package enables you to configure the DNS settings to point at a webhosting server of your choice.

Trust 1&1 Internet for your domain name registration, from only 2.49/year!. Check now!


Of course, to keep things simple, especially if you only have one or two domains, choosing to combine services may be the best option, and either of the recommended services above will be happy to provide domain registration and hosting in a single package.


If you are looking mainly at .com domains, then I use GoDaddy for my other registration services. I have been using them for many years, but they can 't accept the transfer of domains which is why I started using 1and1 as well.

GoDaddy offer a lot of special offers all the time, and they are always offering .info domains for next to nothing (usually less than a dollar) - of course when renewal comes around, they will go back up to $7 or so, but even then, Godaddy offer full domain configuration, email, email forwarding etc... and they are one of the biggest players in the business - they are also nothing if not customer-focussed...

GoDaddy also offer a range of simple hosting solutions for those starting out on the web, including their own site builder software - you can sometimes get limited hosting included with a domain from GoDaddy if you happen upon a special offer just at the right time.

Whatever your site building plans might be, I have searched far and wide and have used a number of hosting services over the years (at least 3 or 4 years to date), and have no hesitation in saying that the services recommended above are the best value for money that I have been able to find anywhere.

Learn more about the 'nuts and bolts' or forwarding a domain from your registration server to a third-party webhost server here...

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