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Changing your nameserver settings for a third-party host IP address


GoDaddy is a US based service ideal for registering global domains such as .com or .net. They always have great offers, and their .info domains are the cheapest domains available at less than £1 for the initial year. They offer a dashboard for changing your DNS settings and email forwarding for all types of domains all included in the registration fee.

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  • To update the nameserver setttings log into GoDaddy, go to 'My Account' and click on Domain Manager

  • Select the domain to be updated

  • Hover over Namservers and select Set Nameservers

  • Select 'I have specific nameservers...' and enter the names in the spaces provided [nameservers illustrated below are for WebHostingpad, the hosting service that I currently use]. You must obtain the correct nameserver for your hosting service.

As mentioned on the domain_forwarding article, changing the nameservers will redirect both the website and the email for this domain at the new host server.

GoDaddy - World's #1 Domain Registrar

  • If you only want to change the A records so that email does not come over to the webhost, you need to select the DNS manager:

  • Click on Edit Zone for the domain that needs to be updated

  • Click on the A(Host) record and update the record with your webhost server server IP address

Click here for specific instructions for '1and1 internet1'




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