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Site History

Date Progress
May 2010 Moved to a new hosting platform, tidied up templates and renewed affiliates - thinking of a total re-work - keep watching...
Jan 2008

Added the new content on blogging, plans for more pages to be added soon...

Noted that some pages still require updating to the new template. Corrected some faulty links.

24th Nov 2007 Finally worked out how to 'centre' the template... nearly there, am working on some new content on blogging
14th November 2007 Ongoing site edits, plenty more tweaks before the template is settled.
20th October 2007 Sitewide template change taking place over a number of days
10 October 2007 Some new content in the form of free software reviews added
4 October 2007 Added new 'Related Articles' navigation box to most pages, using new icons.
20 September 2007 Added new sitemap navigation page with some new icons fo different sections.
15 September 2007 Changed the look of the homepage a little as some elements were not aesthetically pleasing...
10 September 2007 Added new content addressing the internet scam 'get rich quick' schemes.
04 September 2007 Launched a Livewyre.NET blog competition on my blogspot blog to create some traffic and buzz.
02 September 2007 Finalised the website building pages, split content over two pages for ease of use.
30 August 2007 Website building pages are ready to be previewed pending some tidying up and finalising content.
20 August 2007 Livewyre.NET officially launched...
15 August 2007 Introduced the DIGG widgets to introduce an element of interaction into the site. Nice to see that there were some respondents who DIgg'd some of the pages as soon as I added the widgets. Please feel free to DIGG an article that appeals to you, and get in touch if you have any comments.
14 August 2007 'Pre-launch' today, I have put the new homepage in place so that beta-testers can navigate around the site. I shall be taking the opportunity to embark on some off-page optimisation and await feedback from testers.
10 August 2007 Beginning process of finalising each page and section, creating new agenda for post launch developments.
7th August 2007 Developing loose agenda leading up to launch, daily working on tweaking pages and layout. research into future developments.
23rd July 2007 Updated with new content, finalised navigation bar with graphics. Invited John Wells to submit 'web site building' section.
22nd July 2007 Working on site navigation, developing sponsorship package, included new content from Rachel.
20th July 2007 Set website 'launch' date at 20 Aug 2007 Countdown to lauch set an homepage.
Mid-July 2007 Invited Rachel Henderson to develop a 'make money online' section for the website
July 2007 Developing structure and initial page content
June 2007 Purchase of Livewyre.NET, domain parked whilst researching and developing ideas.

By: Jay Livewyre


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