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There are a lot of different Get Paid To sites. You can earn money by getting paid to click, signup and read.

Pay to Click (PTC)

Pay to click websites offer members the opportunity to click on links. These links will take the member to a website which they are normally required to view for up to 30 seconds. Payment can vary considerably but on average sites tend to offer 1 cent per click. Advertisers can purchase various amounts of clicks and some sites offer targeting so that the advertiser can choose the country they want the link made available to and sometimes other information such as salary. The less the members are paid, the cheaper the advertising cost is. However, sites offering members lower payment amounts, tend to have less members. Most sites have referral schemes. If you encourage people to sign up to the site you will get some sort of compensation.

Clixsense is the oldest site that I am a member of. The advantages are that advertisers can specify any amount to pay members with a minimum if one cent. I have heard of adverts being worth $1 a click but have never seen one that high myself! I tend to normally only get one cent adverts, however, I do get about 20 adverts a day. There is the option to upgrade membership. For $10 a year you will get more advertisements – as some advertisers specify they only want their advert shown to upgraded members as they feel they are more likely to buy things because they have already shown willingness to spend money. If you refer other members you can earn a $5 bonus if they upgrade and 10% of anything they pay for advertising. The main disadvantage of this site is that it only pays by cheque. They charge $3 per cheque that they issue and personally I have to pay £4 for my bank to cash a foreign cheque. Therefore my first $10 cheque turned into nothing! You can opt to wait for larger cheques so I have reset my minimum payout amount to $50.

Adbux is one of the most popular PTC sites at the moment. It pays 1 cent per click and 100% commission on referral clicks. When the site started this was revolutionary and it made the site very popular. If you upgrade your membership you earn 1.5 cents per click as well as bonuses if your referrals upgrade, buy referrals or buy advertising. The site currently sells unassigned referrals three times a week. The site pays by Paypal only and has a minimum withdrawal amount of $10.

Snowclicks is an example of a lower paying site. They pay between 0.001 and 0.004 cents per click. However, the advertising is very cheap on the site and I have used it to successfully promote some websites. There is also a low minimum payout amount of just 50 cents. They pay to Paypal and eGold.

Get Paid to Sign / Join

These companies offer payment for registering with a website or joining it. For example the may pay $0.10 if you join Adbux. Some of the sites they pay you to join are free and others may cost money to join. When you first join a pay to join website there tend to quite a few offers that you can do. However, they do not always put new offers on very often so once you have completed all of the ones you want to then there may be no further earning opportunities unless you have referrals who are active.

Mediadollarz is only open to residents from USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands and Australia. This means that if you are from these countries there tend to be a lot of offers relevant to you. The offers vary in price from $20 to $0.05. When you join the site you are asked to confirm your identify by telephone – it is an easy process and you do not even have to speak to anyone. Once you have done this you get credited with $2.50 and you do not even have to complete any offer to withdraw it as there is no minimum withdrawal amount and they pay out once a day. They pay to Paypal and eGold.

International Offers is owned by the same company as Mediadollarz, but as it’s name suggests, it is open to all countries. It is very similar except that it has a minimum payout amount of $1 for Paypal and $0.10 for eGold. It also has an opportunity to make money by clicking on banner ads. These pay from $0.01 per click depending on how long you have to view the advert for.

Global Cash Clicks is owned by a different company but is a very similar site. It is open to all countries, has some PTC adverts as well and pays out to Paypal or eGold. The minimum withdrawal amount is $0.50 for eGold and $1 for Paypal.

Get Paid to Read

Get Paid to Read sites pay for reading emails. Sometimes they send the emails to your email address or they have an Inbox on the website so that you can read the emails there. Sometimes you can opt for either or both. The emails contain links which you have to click. These links bring up a website which usually you have to view for a minimum amount of time. Sometimes they are links to search engines and sometimes to websites.

A Pair Of sends out about 6 emails a day. Some are worth 1 cent and have to be viewed for 45 seconds. Others are worth 0.5 cents and have no timer. Although the volume of emails is relatively small, it does mean that your inbox is not crowded with emails. They have a low minimum payout amount of $1 which makes it attractive to people who are not prepared to wait to earn. They pay into Paypal.

Adpaid are a very long running company. They send out about 6 emails a day and they are worth $0.003 cents per email which has to viewed for 25 seconds. They also have chances to earn extra money on their site by doing PTC, PTS and cashback. Their minimum withdrawal amount is $3 and they pay to eGold and Paypal.

By: Rachel Henderson

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