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The $50 experiment:

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Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog


All about Get Paid to Blog

There are a lot of companies which will pay you for writing articles for your blog. The advertisers will specify how much they want to pay for an article and also how many words it needs to be and any links that you need to have included in the article. Most sites seem to pay anything from $5. The amount that you get paid can depend on how Google ranks your site and sometimes how Alexa ranks your site. Some sites specify that you need to have a blog which is more than 90 days old and some do not mind how old the site is.

Pay per Post

This site requires that your blog is more than 90 days old. You are allowed to accept 3 opportunities a day and must have an unpaid blog article in between any paid articles that you have on your blog. If you make a mistake and do not therefore fit the requirements of the advertiser you get a warning and explanation of what you need to change in order to get paid.

Sponsored Reviews

This site is quite different to most Paid to blog sites. When you submit your blog for approval, you also decide how much money you want to be paid for the articles that you write (you can change this amount). The advertisers state how much they are willing to pay for an article (such as $5-$50) and you make a offer which has to be the amount you have specified earlier. Then the advertiser will choose whether to accept or decline your offer.

**Read more about Paid to blog schemes on the turn one pound into one million blog**

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By: Rachel Henderson

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