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Monetise your website

You have your website up and running, it's popular and gets plenty of traffic - how can this website earn money for you? - We are going to look at three methods for monetising your site:

Targeted adverts

There are schemes such as Adsense, Bidvertiser and Adbrite who offer a service to place adverts on your website. You can earn some revenue if your visitors click on the adverts to visit your sponsor's site. Of all the schemes avialable, Google Adsense is the top of the heap. Typically, earnings may not be very substantial, but will build over time. These schemes are very strict about mis-use of their schemes and the Terms of Service should be strictly adhered to. It is possible for a site with reasonable levels of traffic to earn a few hundred dollars in a year with these schemes which in most cases will at least pay for web-hosting. If you apply yourself to optimising this type of advertising, much higher levels of earnings may be realised.

Adsense requires earnings of $100 before payout, and for most users, this will take a while to reach. Bidvertiser is more reasonable with a requirement of only $10 for payout.

How do these schemes raise money? Advertisers have previously bid on keywords (in the case of Google, the Adsense scheme is driven by Google Adwords). The advertiser has his advert displayed in a panel on your website when his keyword(s) appear(s) in your site content. How often the advert appears depends on the advertisers bid and the amount of funds allocated to his campaign. A visitor's click on the advert may result in anything from a couple of cents in your account to a couple of dollars or even more...

Specific Adverts

If you feel that advertisers might be interested in having their adverts on your site, you could come up with a scale of charges offered directly to companies at a fixed rate per month, per week or per annum. There are schemes to help out with this type of advertising too Visit the site and enter your URL to find out how much you should be charging for adverts on your site. Another type of advertising scheme is banner hosting with a service which will pay a fixed rate for hosting a set number of adverts.

'Money4Banners' offer the chance of a fixed monthly payment for hosting three banner adverts on your website. They sometimes offering a bonus payment just for signing up, and rewards for referrals.
To be more precise then, Money4Banners are offering a monthly payout of £5 (approx $10) if you host a (different) advertising banner on each of three pages on your website. You submit your three nominated pages for approval, then if these pages are accepted, you are given HTML code or server-side script (your choice) to be pasted into those pages.
This is a scheme that you can easily run alongside any other existing monetising ideas that you have in place, but with the advantage that you know how much you will be paid. With hosting being so cheap nowadays, this scheme could even cover your website hosting costs on it's own. You can even nominate a further three pages for further banner-hosting to double-up on your earnings on the same website.

Unlocking the earnings potential with Affiliates.

Affiliates offer a list of potential advertisers with specific products to sell – they want you to post their URL and you can get commission on sales or paid per click depending on the scheme. The beauty of the system is that if your blog is targeted towards a particular market, you can find an advert which suits your demographic, thus ensuring some results.
For example, I saw a really good advertising opportunity for a blog or website which features mobile phones. This advertiser is offering to give away phones so is bound to attract attention! I believe the rewards for this scheme were something like $50 per visitor partaking in the ‘free’ offer. Now, each scheme will have it’s own requirements and reward scheme so it is difficult to discuss specific earnings. I tried this type of specific advertising on a website of my own a few months ago and forgot all about it until a cheque arrived for $67.34. I will be checking more regularly now and selecting some new affiliate programs to get involved with.
I have been using and they provide a complete package service where I can browse a variety of offers from a wide range of categories, there are currently over 2000 offers to choose from.

Although I'll happily admit that the link above is a referral link, I genuinely believe that this type of promotion may be a good earning tool for the right type of website. There are even those who have developed web sites BASED on this type of advertising.

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By: Jay Livewyre


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