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Make Money Online

At first glance it may seem pretty difficult to make money online. However, once you start looking you will find lots of websites claiming that they can make you rich or ones claiming they cannot make you rich but can give you a decent income. It can be very daunting knowing which sites to believe and even more complicated trying to work out which sites are the best for you to join. In order to clarify things I have listed the main methods of earning money online below:

Buying and Selling Online

There are a growing number of websites such as Amazon and eBay where you can buy and sell goods, either at fixed prices or by auction. These types of sites can potentially make quite a good profit. However, extensive research needs to be done before using them. They have charges for selling and you may also have additional charges for accepting payments. The markets are constantly changing so you will need to keep investigating what is selling well and change the stock you are selling accordingly.


Get Paid To

This is a rapidly growing area online. The main areas are get paid to click, get paid to sign and get paid to read. Get paid to click is very simple – you just click a link and view it for up to 30 seconds and you get paid. Get paid to sign offers money for registering on websites, some are free to join and some are not. Get paid to read sites send out emails which you get paid for reading. Normally you have to click a link in the email and view the website that is generated for a certain time period. These sites are a very easy way to make money. However, they usually have minimum payout amounts which are quite high so it can take a long time until you can withdraw your earnings. Also the earning potential can be quite small unless you sign other members up and get bonuses or a percentage of their earnings.



Blogs and websites

There are quite a few ways to earn from blogs and websites. You can sell items on them and do it that way. Some companies pay for articles to be placed on blogs about their advertisers website. Some sites will put advertising on your website and pay you per sale, per click through or even just for the time you have the advertisement on there.

Cashback websites

There are a number of websites which will pay cashback for online purchases. They may pay a lump sum or a percentage of what you spend on the particular website. It is always useful to consult these sites when you buy anything online.

Unfortunately there are websites out there which claim to make you money but which do not. Some of these charge you money to join and then do not give you an opportunity to earn it back. Others do not pay out earnings and some go out of business before you reach the minimum payout amount. There are a few basic rules you can follow to increase the likelihood that you are choosing a good option :

1. Go for a well known site they are more likely to be successful
2. Make sure you read the terms and conditions and FAQ’s of a site carefully before joining
3. It is best to join sites which have been personally recommended to you by people you trust
4. Before joining a site, do a search on it and see what other people are saying about it
5. Check some forums and blogs on money making and pick up hints and tips there


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By: Rachel Henderson

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About Rachel

I have been running a successful online business for over 5 years selling books on my own website as well as eBay and Amazon. I have recently started looking into other ways of making money online and am set to make over £1000 in my first 6 months. I have blogged my progress here : Rachel's Blog
Rachel Henderson author of the 'TurnOnePoundIntoOneMillion' Blog, and CEO of Bowbridge Publishing

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