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Search Engine Submission

The idea of submitting your web site repeatedly to search engines is old hat according to the most recent information that can be found.Once a major search engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN etc..) has received a submission, the site gets indexed and there is absolutely no requirements for further submissions.

Having made that statement, there is no guarantee that this advice will always be correct in the future, and some experts advocate a 'belt and braces' approach of regular submission on a monthly basis 'just in case'. There is unlikely to be any negative effects of this tactic, but currently, the consensus is that there are no benefits either. If you submit too frequently, you may be regarded as a 'spammer' and end up being banned from some search engines.

Please note that any site that has a live link from a regularly-crawled website (such as a directory) will automatically get itself indexed anyway, negating any requirement for submission at all. The only time you would really need to submit to a search engine at all is if you have a brand new domain to launch. In this case, it would be sensible to build a basic site and submit prior to building the finished content and putting the inbound links in place.

What about submitting new pages to search engines?

Your site is indexed, you don't need to re-submit, so how will the search engine find your new content? Simple: sitemaps. Google offer a service where you can register a sitemap as XML or just a text file. The XML version will be able to automatically tell Google where your new content is, and re-submitting the text version when you have added a new page will do the same (Google webmaster tools). I also ensure that every page is included in standard hyperlinks at the bottom of every page of my site to ensure that all of the site is linked and crawled. Some clever script links may not be as visible to search engine bots, so the additional hyperlinks ensure that the whole site can be accessed from any page (or at least the home-page)

Some pointers, where to be seen:

Google - (search engine)

MSN Live Search - (search engine)

DMOZ - (open source directory)

Gimpsy - (quirky directory)


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