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There are a host of different elements to consider when optimising a web site for search engines, but none so simple as 'content'. Your content should be good, plentiful and contain references to your key search terms. Think about the different ways that you can say the same thing without being overly repetitive (keyword 'stuffing' will count against you in some search engines). Ideally you should be researching your major topics and updating regularly. Search engines are particularly interested in sites that are regularly updated and will visit your site more often to index if your content is constantly changing. Initially, you may find your pages are being indexed every 4 or 5 days, but a news site such as the BBC website will get visited several times in an hour because their content is so dynamic. This is one of the reasons that blogs are often more appealing to search engines as they are often updated on a daily basis.

Add to your content and add depth to your site as you develop your themes, ensure that all your pages link together. If you use sub-directories, be careful not to bury your pages too deeply. A general 'rule of thumb' is to keep everything either in the root directory or not more than two folders away. EG. but no further...


SEO falls into two basic categories, 'on page' and 'off page', tags and content (above) are both forms of on page SEO in that they are part of the website itself. Backlinks are provided by an outside web page and therefore considered off page SEO.

Linking can be one-way outbound, where you provide an unreciprocated link to another URL, one way inbound, or two way (reciprocated). The best type of link for the purposes of SEO would ideally be one-way inbound from a site which has a good pagerank and content and keywords similar to your own. This is not going to be easy to achieve, as any authority sites in your area of business who link to you will probably expect to receive at least a reciprocal link. Even getting reciprocal links for a website (as opposed to a blog) is quite difficult. If you are a commercial site with suppliers, then getting your suppliers to link to you as an outlet should be relatively easy. Naturally your competitors are not going to want to give you a link, so you are left with finding forums where you can post your URL or non-commercial interest sites that would be willing to provide a link. the other great link-resource for commercial sites, non-commercial and blogs alike are web directories.

You could go searching the internet for all the directories who might link to you, or you can use a free resource provided right here on Livewyre.NET. Directory Submitter is a program that will help to get you listed on up to 350 directories (many will provide free one way inbound links) for free. The 'paid-for' version of the software does the same for more than 2,000 directories.

Links within your own website should provide good navigation, make sure all pages are linked so that the search engine 'bots' can find their way around. Where you have clever 'flash' or java script navigation, make sure there are backup standard hyperlinks on the page also. Finally, be careful about trying to 'fool' the search engines, it is their business to stay ahead of the game, use 'black-hat' techniques at your own risk. My advice is that if you want long-term good results, play by the rules and concentrate on building a good website for your visitors.


By: Jay Livewyre


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