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How to implement SEO:


Once upon a time, SEO was all about what you put into your 'keyword' tag, these days 'keyword' has been so over-used that it has virtually lost all of it's impact. More recently, your 'title' tag, heading and the first paragraph of page content will act as primary indicators to search engines. There may be some engines that still take notice of 'keyword', so no harm can be done by using keyword as it was originally intended. When composing your tags, you should make them keyword rich without making them too blatant (keyword 'stuffing'). Title is a key SEO tag, 'description' less so, but often used in the display of search results and therefore may have a significant impact on whether the searcher will click on your link.

HTML for tags:

<meta name="keywords" content=" my list, of keywords, here with, variations, similar words, alternative spellings, and anything else, I want to, put here">


Make sure this tag is correctly completed, DON'T allow pages to carry 'blank page' as a title - this is a major SEO 'sin' and indicates to all that your site has not been properly thought out.

<title>something more relevant than blank page</title>


Narrative that you would like to appear on search results.

<meta name="description" content="This is my chance to tell the world what my site is all about and I'm not going to waste it">


If you're not convinced of the value of meta tags, take a look at some well-known sites, in your browser select VIEW/SOURCE and have a look at their HTML eg::

<meta name="description" content="Visit eBay UK and register to buy or sell new and used books, cars, computers, digital cameras, DIY, DVD, jewellery and music. Auction or Fixed Price. Buy It. Sell It. Love It."><meta name="keywords" content="ebay, art, books, cars, clothing, digital cameras, DVD, ebay, jewellery, laptops, motorcycles, music, toys, home, DIY, computers,"><title>eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace</title>


It is also widely accepted that attributes for pictures etc. can have an SEO impact. There are the following to consider when placing an image on the page:

File name, alt tag and title tag - all can be used to optimise for search engines, the following code is for a picture . Note how the 'alt' and 'name' tags are used for keyword promotion. There are search engines that are built to locate images rather than text (google image search), using these tags could get you a boost for your pages in image rankings that you wouldn't get in a simple keyword search.

<img src="img/extras/money.jpg" alt="make money online" name="Online money">

more optimisation tips..

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