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Some of the best free software around

More great free software titles will be added here from time to time, make sure you visit again to see what free software is available - if you have a title to recommend, please get in touch and let us know...

spam email destroyer


Mailwasher from Firetrust is a program which intercepts emails before they reach your inbox to filter out spam. I have not had a lot of experience using this program, but I have noticed that it is easy to set up, and is very effective at flagging up spam emails. In brief these are emails offering cheap software, pharmaceuticals, fake goods and any other unsolicited mail If you have your own website which has your email address listed, then the more traffic that reaches your site, the more likely you are to get spam email. The free version has limited functionality but is a good indication of how the full version works. Mailwasher Pro is able to automatically filter and flag up spam, delete or bounce it back. Even the free version is able to flag up mail from known spam domains and automatically delete if required. If this sounds like something you would find useful, why not give it a try, it's free!

directory submitter


Directory Submitter is so good that I have dedicated an entire page to free directory submission. The page features Addme! a directory submission website and Directory submitter free software. The free version of this program will allow you to submit your website to up to 350 directories - no fees payable!

If you need some back-links, try's free


GIMPSHOP from plasticbugs is a powerful free graphics package, full of features that you really wouldn't expect to find in free software. originally developed for the Linux platform, GIMP is now available for Windows users too. It has many similarities to Photoshop, a feature which I don't think is entirely accidental...

Download the free software here.
AVG anti-virus


AVG from Grisoft - One of the most widely-used pieces of software you will find - Why? because it is free AND it is probably as good as most programs you might pay good money for. AVG is an anti-virus software which is provided free to home users, it has an easy to use front-panel and can be set to automatically download updates (essential) and to sweep your entire PC for viruses at regular intervals. Not only does it do this, it will also seamlessly integrate into Outlook or Outlook express to check all incoming and outgoing emails for viruses - thus offering security for your system as well as anybody that you choose to send an email to. If you only select one free program to run on your PC...choose AVG.

adaware anti spyware


AD-AWARE from Lavasoft, this program has ben recently updated, and I can fully believe the claim that this is the most popular anti-spyware product for computer users around the world. the free version does not automatically update, but if you haven't updated for a while, you get a warning and a reminder to do so - this is accompanied by a one-click download button, and the downloads always seem fairly fast.

The free version also cannot be set to scan automatically at set times, though you can set it to scan on startup. It has an optional privacy setting which can erase tracks left behind whilst browsing the web in IE, Firefox or Opera Ad-Aware seems to identify different problems than Spybot (see below), so one of my computers runs Spybot and Ad-aware together. Like other free software of this type, the free version is available to non-commercial users. The front panel again is easy to use and there are lots of useful features. To visit the download site, click here


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Spybot anti spyware


Spybot is an anti-spyware program with loads of extra features. Like all my favourites, it offers free updates and is really easy to use. I should add here that I recommend using two anti-spyware programs, as I have not yet found ONE that finds absolutely everything... This does not mean that the software doesn't work properly, only that the different programs on offer, place different emphases on types of spyware intrusion, and will come up with different results. I have used all the major ones and I have concluded that the 'belt and braces' approach of two programs tends to cover most of the bases most of the time. Download it here


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